Well done Winners of 2022👏🏆👏

Well done Winners of 2022👏🏆👏

The current Olympic and European champion canoeist Benjamin Savšek has also been selected as the best athlete of 2022 by the Kayak Association of Slovenia. 🛶🇸🇮 This year’s recipient of the economic Oscar, Nuša Pavlinjek Slavinec, as a representative of ROTO Slovenija d.o.o., also congratulated him at the festive event. , who is also a proud patron of our Olympian and a long-time promoter of kayaking in Slovenia. 👏👏

Visit ROTO at Paddle Sports show Lyon next week and discover new kayaks and canoes.  

Some quick facts about our Kayaks & Canoes:

The 1 or 3 layered technology hull ensures exceptional rigidity despite its low weight and high capacity. 😎

The range of Green Line kayaks and canoes are made of recycled foil, plastic bags and plastic bottles which are the primary contaminants of the water on our planet. 💪

After their lifetime they can be fully recycled and the material used to make new products. 👍

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Danish kayaks now in Slovenian hands

The Roto company from Puconci has started production of the 7th kayak model, which it bought from Osagian canoes 🛶 from Denmark.

The first models are also made of 100% recycled plastic♻️ and will be presented at the Paddle Sport Show Lyon at the end of September 2022 🇫🇷.

More at www.rotoAttivo.eu

Benjamin Savšek in the slovenian national team

Benjamin Savšek, the Slovenian canoe champion, became in Bratislava first Slovenian canoeist to qualify in to the Slovenian national team and will perform in this year’s European Championship (from May 30 to June 02) in France and in the five World Cup races and at the height of this year’s season at the World Championships in Spain at the end of September. Benjamin is also a member of the development team ROTO, where he is involved in the development of RotoATTIVO kayaks and canoes.

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Benjamin Savšek

ROTO opens water park WATER FUN 360 at Expano

RotoAttivo canoes on Sobota lake

ROTO is a leading European producer of polymers products. Advanced rotational casting technology and cooperation with international designers allows to produce a wide range of nautical products and boats such as kayaks, canoes, motor boats, sailing boats, pontoons and floating platforms.

In 2019, ROTO and its partners are introducing an innovative business model for water parks construction for recreational activities in inland and marine waters under the brand WATER FUN 360. In cooperation with the Municipality of Murska Sobota and the company PANEXFUN, near EXPANO on Sobota Lake, with the help of underwater rescue workers from Diving club Murska Sobota, have been put in place an infrastructure that will strengthen nautical and water tourism in the region. In the future, EXPANO visitors will be able to rent a kayak, canoe, SUP, boat or a sailboat from ROTO and enjoy the Sobota Lake. PANEXFUN will manage the water park, organize courses and take care of security and technical support.

New seats for canoe Viking

Back in February we were working on a prototype seat for the Viking Kayak. This week we completed this project and it’s already being fitting to a customers kayak.

Working on a prototype seat for canoe Viking
Fitting the seats

From now on you can order our canoe Viking with wooden or new PE seats, with or without collapsable backrest. The first and the third seat comes with a small storage place for wateter bottle or cell phone, the second one with a larger, waterproof place for various things.

PE seats with collapsable backrest
Canoe Viking with new PE seats

Silver medal in Hands of Slovenian canoeists

Silver medal in Hands of Slovenian canoeists

On tuesday our Benjamin Savšek won the silver medal with C1 men’s team at Canoe Slalom World Championships in Rio de Janeiro. Savšek, a Partner of Roto company, a successful producer of waste water treatment plants and  water tanks, who also produces polyethylene kayaks and canoes, is involved in development of new type of canoes. In a interesting race Savšek teammates were Luka Božič and Anže Bašič. Congratulation! More at www.rotoATTIVO.eu and www.kajak-zveza.si