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Delsyk Design


Unsinkable even when full, due to partitioned storage space and a buoyancy chamber. The Tuktu’s high initial stability and ideal length-to-width ratio make it suitable for everyone and capable of tackling everything from calm water to light whitewater. The comfortable multi-bent frame shape with a “Dyamond Shape” and moderate keel jump, makes the Delsyk Tuktu very stable and safe, the huge seat hatch gives a sense of space. The Tuktu is fully equipped and offers legroom for paddlers up to 1.9 meters and 120 kilos in weight.No matter if paddling on river, lakes or weekend tours along the shore, the Delsyk Tuktu allows a relaxed, safe pleasure journey.

Technical data

Width: 68 cm

Length: 315 cm

Cockpit: 112 x 56 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Storage space stern: 75 L

Payload: 145 kg

Standard colors