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Delsyk Design

Nifty 440

The Nifty 440 is the tourer for big, heavy paddlers, or those who like to have more space in the kayak. The Nifty 440 is fully equipped and offers legroom for paddlers up to 2 meters. The Delsyk Nifty 440, is made of extremely durable and long-lasting polyethylene and ensures years of paddling pleasure even in rough conditions on rivers and lakes. Circumferential lifelines, deck rubber cords and deck nets, complete the all-around perfect features of the Delsyk Nifty 440.

Unsinkable even when full, due to bulkheaded stowage in bow and stern.

Technical data

Length: 4,4 m
Width: 0,62 m
Weight: 27 kg
Load: 160 kg
Storage in front: 45 l
Storage in stern: 82 l
Cockpit inside: 95 x 45 cm
Storage opening in front: 25 cm
Storage opening in stern: 40 x 26 cm

Standard colors