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Delsyk Design

Nifty 430

The Nifty 430 is the kayak with the best surf and playboat characteristics of the Nifty family. The slim multi-bend frame shape with pronounced keel jump, makes the Delsyk Nifty 430 very fast and safe at the same time. The ergonomics, in seat and backrest inclination and backrest height adjustable and comfortable seat, two watertight storage compartments and numerous mounting options on deck, make the Delsyk Nifty 430 the ideal companion for your individual adventure, from the small everyday escape after work, to the extended kayak expedition.

Unsinkable even when full, due to bulkheaded stowage space in bow and stern

Technical data

Length: 4.3 m

 Width: 0.63 m

Weight: 26 kg

Payload: 140 kg

Stowage space front: 40 l

Stowage space stern: 78 l

Cockpit: 86 x 41 cm

 Stowage space opening front: 30.5 x 16.5 cm

Stowage space opening stern: 40.6 x 30.5 cm

Standard colors