Stable. Durable. Recyclable

Dinghy is a well-composed, very light and
easy to use boat for fishing or sailing on
calm waters or lakes.
Dinghy can be ordered with 2 different
types of hull, one or two layers. There is
also a broad range of colours to choose
from, such as green, red, blue, granit or
wood imitation. Dinghy is 242 cm long,
130 cm wide, 45 sm deep and it weighs
only 35 kg, which makes it ideal for
weekend get aways on the lake or fishing
Launching of the Dinghy has never been
easier duo to the wheel on the underside
of the boat.


DINGHY is available in the following standard colors:


This variant comes the best of boat worlds. It comes equipet as standard with stainless steel plate for mounting the engine and with paddle holders. This model is availible in granit grey which gives it a modern timless look.



Fishing variant of the Dinghy is made to suit all the needs of a fisherman. It comes with two all purpose mounts on which you can attach rod holders, fishfinders, phone holder or multipurpose holder. Standard equipment also includes stainles steel plate for engine and paddle holders. RoBoat Fishing is availible in dark green coulor.


Standard verision of ou RoBoat comes in very beautiful wood imitation, which look perfect on a lake. Standard equipment includes paddle holders. Standard version is ideal for laid back rides on lakes.