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Delsyk Design

Nifty 385

Nifty stands for a kayak family from 3.85 to 4.4 meters and is therefore ideally adaptable to your needs and areas. The Nifty 385 offers legroom for paddlers up to 1.9 meters and a paddler weight up to 120 kg. The slim multi-bend frame shape with pronounced keel jump, makes the Delsyk Nifty 385 very fast and safe at the same time. The steering and foot pedals can be adjusted perfectly to the paddler while sitting in the boat. River, lakes or longer tours along the protected coast, the Delsyk Nifty 385 masters every situation.

Unsinkable due to bulkheaded storage compartments in bow and stern, rudder.

Technical data

Length: 3.85 m,

Width: 0.65 m,

Weight: 23 kg,

Payload: 160 kg,

Storage space forward: 40 l,

Storage space stern: 78 l,

Cockpit: 86 x 41 mm,

Storage hatch forward: 20.3 cm,

Storage hatch stern: 35.6 x 30.5 cm.

Standard colors