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Delsyk Design


Unsinkable even when full, due to partitioned storage space in bow and stern.
The Akula, the shark, splits the water with its sharply cut bow like a shark’s dorsal fin. Delsyk Design Akula, is a thoroughbred sea kayak by the world-renowned designer Mike Neckar, in the 16 foot class, a kayak that inspires.
The Delsyk Design Akula will impress even long-time experts on the stage, speed, stability and maneuverability paired with an accomplished paddler or ambitious paddler. The Akula will take you to places that can only be reached by kayak.

Technical data

Length: 4.88 m

Width: 0.58 m

Payload: 150 kg 

Weight: 28 kg

Storage space bow: 75 l 

Storage space stern: 88 l

Cockpit inside dimensions: 84 x 38 cm 

Cargo hatch bow: 34.5 X 23.5 cm

Cargo hatch stern: 38 X 35.5 cm

Standard colors