RotoAttivo canoes on Sobota lake

ROTO is a leading European producer of polymers products. Advanced rotational casting technology and cooperation with international designers allows to produce a wide range of nautical products and boats such as kayaks, canoes, motor boats, sailing boats, pontoons and floating platforms.

In 2019, ROTO and its partners are introducing an innovative business model for water parks construction for recreational activities in inland and marine waters under the brand WATER FUN 360. In cooperation with the Municipality of Murska Sobota and the company PANEXFUN, near EXPANO on Sobota Lake, with the help of underwater rescue workers from Diving club Murska Sobota, have been put in place an infrastructure that will strengthen nautical and water tourism in the region. In the future, EXPANO visitors will be able to rent a kayak, canoe, SUP, boat or a sailboat from ROTO and enjoy the Sobota Lake. PANEXFUN will manage the water park, organize courses and take care of security and technical support.

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