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Visit ROTO at Paddle Sports show Lyon next week and discover new kayaks and canoes.  

Some quick facts about our Kayaks & Canoes: THEY ARE MADE IN ONE PIECE IN ROTOMOULDING. The 1 or 3 layered technology hull ensures exceptional rigidity despite its low weight and high capacity. THEY ARE MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC.The range of Green Line kayaks and canoes are made of recycled foil, plastic bags and plastic bottles which are the primary contaminants of the water on our planet. THEY CAN BE RECYCLED.After their lifetime they can be fully recycled and the material…

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Danish kayaks now in Slovenian hands

The Roto company from Puconci has started production of the 7th kayak model, which it bought from Osagian canoes from Denmark. The first models are also made of 100% recycled plastic and will be presented at the Paddle Sport Show Lyon at the end of September 2022 . More at

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